Appias Albina (1985)

Appias is a printmaker, illustrator and graphic designer. She creates in her signature Carbon Monotype technique, which is based on thermal transfer of textures using a hot iron and carbon copy paper. She is creating highly detailed figurative images, and the central subject in her art are animals, botany and zoomorphic/ anthropomorphic creatures. Her style draws much of its inspiration from Scientific Illustration, Natural History, and the traditions of Oriental art.
Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, real name Jevgenija Jones. Master's degree in Arts at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Appias works with various clients and collectives, such as Ignitis, Šviesa publisher, Hijos de Rivera (Estrella Galicia) , Yarza Twins, Moon Armada, Lithuanian National Museum of Art, Zenitechas, Studio Libre and others.